Heidi Trathnigg, MS — Principal Biologist

Ms. Trathnigg has been a Principal Biologist at Fred Phillips Consulting, LLC since 2006. Ms. Trathnigg earned her B.A. in biology and environmental studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz and her M.S. in biological sciences from Northern Arizona University. Ms. Trathnigg leads all biological surveys, endangered species monitoring, master planning, and permitting and compliance, including National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Biological Assessments, Section 7 and 10 of the Endangered Species Act, Section 404 and 201 of the Clean Water Act compliance and permitting. Some of the larger planning documents, including permitting and compliance include the Yuma East Wetlands Restoration Project, Las Vegas Wash Restoration Master Plan, Virgin River Restoration Plan, Verde River Cooperative Invasive Plant Management Plan, Navajo Nation Integrated Weed Management Plan, and Tsegi and Nitsin Canyon Grazing Management Plan.

Ms. Trathnigg has extensive research and monitoring experience, including developing sampling designs for research projects; field sampling; avian, amphibian, mammalian, fish, and invertebrate collection and identification; wildlife population estimates; identification and ranking of priority wildlife habitats; water-quality sampling and analysis; restoration management and wildlife recovery plans; and non-native species removal. She recently published recently published research looking at the recovery of breeding birds and butterflies at restored riparian and wetland habitats in Ecological Restoration Journal. She also conducts endangered species surveys for Yuma clapper rail, other marsh birds, southwestern willow flycatcher, and Mexican spotted owl. She conducts all statistical analyses on collected data field and laboratory identification of collected specimens and database organization. Ms. Trathnigg's use of analytic software includes SPSS, SAS JMP, SYSTAT, PC-ORD, Distance, and Excel.