Fred O. Phillips, ASLA

Fred Phillips is the President and owner of Fred Phillips Consulting, LLC (FPC). Fred has over 22 years of experience doing ecosystem restoration, land planning, fundraising and landscape design in the southwestern United States. Fred received his Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture in 1995 from Purdue University. As a student at Purdue, he began work on his original planning of the 1042 acre 'Ahakhav Tribal Preserve on the Colorado River Indian Reservation (CRIT), where he served as project director from 1994-1999. During these years he successfully raised over 4 million dollars in grants and restored over 2 miles of river channel, wetlands, and native forests. He also established a native plant nursery, environmental education program, and canoe outfitter for the CRIT Tribe. By 1999 Fred had turned a one-man show in a storage room office into a major restoration program with over 14 employees.

After leaving the 'Ahakhav Tribal Preserve, Fred initiated FPC in 1999. Fred has overseen and implemented all aspects of company acquired wetland and riparian restoration projects including fundraising, restoration planning, design, site clearing, planting, monitoring, and site maintenance for over 2000 acres of restored habitats. During the past 12 years, Fred has also overseen and directed all operations for the Yuma East Wetlands Project. He has pioneered experimentation to develop the most successful techniques to remove invasive saltcedar and phragmites and restore these areas with native riparian revegetation. Other large scale habitat restoration projects Fred has planned and/or implemented include the Laguna conservation area (1400 acres to be restored), Yuma East Wetlands (1000 acres), Las Vegas Wash (300 acres), Yuma West Wetlands (60 acres), Hunter’s Hole restoration (40 acres), Black Canyon Riparian Restoration (10 acres) and Lee’s Ferry Revegetation (10 acres). Fred has also managed the restoration master planning of over 30,000 acres of river habitat in the southwest. These restoration master plans include riparian, wetland and aquatic habitats within the Verde, Colorado, Gila, Rio Grande, Virgin, Muddy, Roaring Fork, Agua Fria and San Pedro Rivers.

One of Fred’s strengths includes taking complex projects that involve a multitude of stakeholders from conception to completion. During the last 8 years, Fred has traveled to Washington and helped successfully lobby for over 8 million dollars of federal funding for restoration on the Colorado River. Over the last 18 years, Fred and his team have successfully raised over 15 million dollars in grants for the planning, restoration, monitoring, and maintenance of rivers in the southwest. Clients for his projects include Native American Tribes, National Parks, private landowners, State and Federal Governments and non-profit entities. Fred’s work has been featured in Landscape Architecture, Restoration Ecology, Arizona Highways, and a multitude of periodicals and books. Upon invitation, Fred has also thoroughly enjoyed guest lecturing to undergraduate and Masters level landscape architecture students from the University of California, Berkeley; Purdue; and the University of Pennsylvania.

Fred has extensively boated the Colorado River from the Utah Border to the Colorado River Delta. He is also a musician, filmmaker, and photographer. He resides in Flagstaff, Arizona with his wife Kellner and their two children Faye and Owen. Fred and Kellner met while attending a gathering in honor of the late great cowboy Impressionist artist A. Kelly Pruitt, for whom Fred helped start the La Junta foundation in 2009.