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La Junta Heritage Center

The La Junta Heritage Center sprang from the creative vision of A. Kelly Pruitt, renowned Western painter and sculptor, who spent his entire life in the region. Kelly died in early 2009, but not before sharing with friends his dream of a nonprofit organization whose mission would combine art, history, conservation, sustainable building, and sustainable agriculture. His success in the art world coupled with his simple lifestyle provided him with the financial resources to endow what is now the La Junta Heritage Center. Fred Phillips was with A. Kelly on the sad day that he passed.

Since then, FPC is working with the La Junta Heritage Center, the City of Presidio, TX, and Presidio Valley Farms to create wetland habitat adjacent to the Río Grande. This 35 acre wetland creation project will capitalize on effluent from the city’s water treatment plant, which will be used to irrigate emergent wetland, cottonwood willow, and upland mesquite habitat. FPC is responsible for all aspects of the design and construction of this project, including site clearing, grading, water control structures, irrigation, and revegetation. Cottonwood willow habitats will rely heavily on pole planting techniques refined through over 19 years of restoration experience. You can learn more about this exciting project and how to donate at