Yuma East Wetlands

Prior to restoration activities, the 1,400 acre Yuma East Wetlands (YEW), located along the lower Colorado River, was one of the most ecologically altered riparian and wetland landscapes of the Southwest due to nearly a century of flow regulation, channelization, non-native species invasion, deforestation and wildfires. The area was dominated by dense monoculture thickets of invasive salt cedar and phragmites, which compromised the ecosystem integrity and caused a decline in wildlife diversity.

Fred Phillips Consulting (FPC) served as the design team to develop the Yuma East Wetlands Restoration Master Plan. To accomplish this task, FPC organized and facilitated stakeholder consensus meetings including 16 different landowners; conducted the initial biological investigations and site analyses, including vegetation mapping, soil analysis, wetland delineation, and topographical surveys; completed the environmental compliance permitting and planning process (ESA Section 7 Consultation, Clean Water Act Section 404, State Historic Preservation Office, wetland delineation); and created the restoration design