Wetland Restoration

Wetlands are biological sinks of diversity and richness.  They are also disappearing and subject to rigorous environmental regulation.  Our experience has led us through the myriad complexities involved in wetland restoration, from navigating through the permitting process to performing the necessary biological and physical resource assessments. We work with the best and the brightest in the field, people who are committed to making a positive improvement to our world.  We also cultivate local stewardship by involving the local community throughout the process. We can proudly boast that the Yuma clapper rail, an endangered species, and many other unique birds  are now residing in wetlands that have been designed, built and managed by our team.

Services Offered

Site Analysis
Includes wetland delineation, soil surveys, biological assessments, and preliminary topographical and water-availability analysis.

Project Management
Includes observation, budgeting, permitting, fundraising, and monitoring.

Project Design

Includes planning, public facilitation, engineering, dredge planning, clearing details, revegetation, plant nursery design, public facilities, trail systems and maintenance and monitoring plan design.

Community Outreach
Includes public scoping, volunteer program development and environmental educational program development and implementation.