Native Plant Revegetation

Exotic plant species have altered ecosystems and traditional ways of life and slowly destroyed our native landscapes.  Mesquite bosques and gallery forests of cottonwood and willow have been replaced by agricultural fields and thickets of insidious exotic plants.  Restoring native habitat increases biodiversity, improves ecosystem health, and provides critical habitat for native species threatened by extinction. We have restored more than 1000 acres of native plant communities including cottonwood and willow gallery forests, mesquite bosques, grasslands and desert uplands. Native plant revegetation is a critical step towards healing the environment and a beautiful, living legacy for the future.

Services Offered

Site Analysis
Includes soil, biological assessment and preliminary topographical and water-availability analysis.

Project Management
Includes observation, oversight, budgeting, fundraising, and permitting.

Project Design
Includes planning, public facilitation, mapping, planting design, monitoring and maintenance.

Community Outreach
Includes public scoping, volunteer program development and environmental educational program development and implementation