Permitting and Compliance


The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires that all federal agencies consider relevant environmental effects of a project or action, including possible alternatives during the planning phase. Fred Phillips Consulting provides a full range of environmental consulting services to support NEPA requirements. The firm’s staff has experience with managing and preparing all phases of Environmental Impact Statements (EIS), Environmental Assessments (EA), biological assessments, and biological evaluations. This includes consensus building, scoping and public hearing meetings, researching background information, evaluating effects, and publishing the final deliverables in the correct format.


Fred Phillips Consulting works closely with the client and stakeholders throughout the entire process to develop technically sound and legally defensible documents. Documents include integration of the necessary permit requirements for Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act and Section 404 of the Clean Water Act.


Environmental agencies stress the importance of wetlands protection, restoration, and mitigation. Fred Phillips Consulting performs a wetland delineation review prior to the beginning of a site planning effort. In doing this, the firm avoids project delays, unrealized expectations, and costly redesign. The firm remains committed to continuing education and staying consistent and compliant with evolving policies. Our certified delineators have a thorough understanding of the jurisdictional and wetland types which occur throughout the American southwest. Diverse resources allow us to work efficiently through all phases of the regulatory process and to communicate effectively with engineers, surveyors, architects, and regulators.


A summary of our compliance and permitting services include the following:


  • Wetland and Jurisdictional Delineation
  • Army Corps of Engineers 404 Permitting
  • Mitigation Planning
  • Environmental Assessment (EA)
  • Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
  • Biological Assessments
  • Categorical Exclusions
  • Record of Decision
  • Administrative Record
  • NEPA Compliance
  • Endangered Species Monitoring