The Firm

Fred Phillips Consulting (FPC) has a long track record of award-winning planning and design. Our work has been the subject of cover stories in Landscape Architecture and Restoration Ecology magazines. More recently, projects built by FPC have been featured in both film and museum exhibits at the Heard Museum, one of the most notable Native American museums in the United States.


Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area, including its Yuma East Wetlands project was used as a case study for heritage areas in Charting a Future for National Heritage Areas, a study published by the National Park System Advisory Board. Yuma Crossing National Heritage Area was designated one of the top 10 Heritage Areas.


Rural Futures Collaborative, March 2023. “For over two decades now, Fred has carved his own path – interweaving design, community growth and restoration together across large-scale projects throughout the West and abroad.”

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