The Firm

Fred Phillips Consulting, LLC is an ecosystem restoration firm based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our projects include multidisciplinary wetland/aquatic/riparian restoration, commercial and residential landscape design, natural resource planning, and fund raising and eco-business development projects for Native American Tribes, nonprofit organizations, and public and private agencies. We strive to accomplish wise planning, restoration, and development of landscapes in the American southwest and beyond.


Diverse backgrounds and a shared passion for the environment is the foundation of our firm and the work we do. Our hard-working ethic has been recognized and publicized locally and internationally, and we work alongside a wide array of government agencies, private owners, and non-profit foundations both large and small. We always strive to make the world a better place than how we found it.


We invite you to discover more about our firm–see the links above for information about the firm’s history, its people, and published and filmed projects.