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Sunrise Point Park

The Colorado River flows through the Quechan Indian Reservation in Winterhaven, California. Over the past twenty years, the Tribe has transformed hundreds of acres along the river back into the original native wetlands and riparian forests. The Tribe had a vision to create a park that honors this restoration work and the people’s culture. This park would provide trails, ramadas, gathering spaces, and educational opportunities for the community.

Fred Phillips Consulting worked with the Quechan to make this vision a reality. In collaboration with the Tribe, we developed the conceptual and construction designs for the park, helped secure over $600,000 dollars in grants to build the park, and monitored its construction.

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In three short years, we helped transform a forgotten jungle of non-native species, trash dumps, and illegal activity into a beautiful park overlooking the restored riparian edge of the Colorado River. The area is now a true reflection of the Tribe’s values. The park features native and medicinal plants, solar-powered fountain and lights, an overlook plaza, an amphitheater, shade ramadas, interpretive signs, and the best view of the Colorado River in Yuma. On summer solstice, the sun rises in line with the fountain, overlook ramada, and plaza entrance in honor of the sun, river, and earth.

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Quechan Indian Tribe

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Quechan Indian Reservation, Lower Colorado River / 2012-2014


Shephard Wesnitzer, Inc., Mellon Farms, JSA Landscaping, PG&E

Landscape Design, Park Design