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Bangka/Belitung Mineland Reclamation Project, Indonesia

Sustainable Trade Initiative’s (IDH) Indonesian Tin Working Group retained Fred Phillips Consulting in 2016 to lead the planning and design of a pilot mining land reclamation project in Bangka, Indonesia. Bangka produces approximately a third of the world’s tin. This legacy of intensive tin mining in the region resulted in an estimated half a million acres of degraded, polluted land.

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The goal of this effort was to provide a profitable center for reclamation on decommissioned tin mining land for the benefit of the local communities. The mitigation design was to be scalable and replicable across Indonesia. Our firm led project stakeholders to create a plan that provided alternative livelihood options for Bangka residents, improved ecological health, and profitable agricultural opportunities.


This large effort involved two years of stakeholder consensus building, literature review, and interviews with reclamation experts. This extensive planning and research yielded a detailed reclamation plan of best management practices for tin mining land reclamation in Indonesia.

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  • Bangka-Belitung Site Reclamation Plan

  • Bangka Reclamation Program, Telapak Babel

  • Responsible Minerals Initiative

  • Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)


Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), Telapak, Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) Center for Sustainable Minerals

Location / Date

Bangka/Belitung Islands, Indonesia / 2016-2018


IDH, Telapak, EICC Center for Sustainable Minerals, Responsible Minerals Initiative, Oxbow Ecological Engineering, Michael Barkley Agriculture, Veduta Design Studio

Ecological Restoration, Land Planning, Landscape Design