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Janitzio Restoration

This unique area is part of the Limitrophe region of the Colorado River Delta–that area where the frontiers of the American and Mexican boundaries meet.


Fred Phillips Consulting was called upon to develop a restoration design for this area, called Janitzio, which covers 160 hectares (395 acres) of land. This restoration effort is part of the greater plan of Minute 323, a rare and special agreement between the United States and Mexico to plan the shared use of water from the Colorado River. Minute 323 calls for both countries to provide water and funding for habitat restoration and scientific work in the Colorado River Delta for the next decade.


The firm was responsible for developing multiple restoration design options that offered varying levels of monetary cost, habitat benefits, water consumption, and restoration needs. The firm also provided consultation services for invasive plant removal and floodplain revegetation. Restoration actions were to not interfere with the main channel’s capacity to convey water flows up to 80 cms. 90% plant survivorship after initial plant establishment was one of the main goals of this project, a considerable challenge as the groundwater levels of the site was measured at 20-40 feet deep. Part of the design also included the establishment of a piazza and overlook ramada for visitors.

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Pronatura Noroeste

Location / Date

San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico / 2018-2020


Oxbow Ecological Engineering, Veduta Design

Ecological Restoration, Native Plant Revegetation