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Rio Grande and Terlingua Creek Restoration

Terlingua Creek is a perennial stream located in Big Bend National Park, Texas. Terlingua Creek is an imbricated habitat for a variety of species. Historical accounts of the river as a robust and densely vegetated landscape changed dramatically with the introduction of mining and agricultural activity in the area over the last century. The loss of riparian forest greatly contributed to erosion in the area, affected channelization, sediment surplus, and resulted in a loss of habitat. This occurrence also created increases in invasive plant populations. Restoration of riparian forest along the creek aids in reversing the negative impacts that mining and agriculture afflicted upon the Creek, and increases habitat for species that have historically nested there.


In Texas, Fred Phillips Consulting (FPC) has a distinguished history of planning, designing, and implementing restorations projects in both urban and remote locations. We have an established history working with both the Commission for Environmental Cooperation (CEC) and with Big Bend National Park, American Bird Conservancy (ABC), and private landowners.


FPC has worked with BBNP, CEC and ABC over the course of four years to design, plan, and implement four riparian restoration projects on the Rio Grande River and Terlingua Creek. We have amassed a database of lessons learned from our initial fore into this project at Terlingua, including data results from plantings, documentary photographs, plant monitoring, and methodological approaches between FPC and the project partners.


The results of these riparian restoration projects have been promising, yielding measurable outcomes. FPC has implemented planting and harvesting of over 6000 strapleaf willows and narrowleaf cottonwoods on the Rio Grande River and Terlingua Creek, aiding in sediment deposition and promoting the growth of additional riparian vegetation in their wake. This has improved riparian habitat and bolstered the resiliency of the river and its inhabitants.

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Big Bend National Park, CEC, American Bird Conservancy

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Terlingua Creek, Lower Rio Grande River



Ecological Restoration, Land Planning, Landscape Design