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La Junta Heritage Center Master Plan

The La Junta Heritage Center sprang from the creative vision of A. Kelly Pruitt, renowned Western painter and sculptor, who spent his entire life in the region. Kelly died in early 2009, but not before sharing with friends his dream of a non-profit organization whose mission would combine art, history, conservation, sustainable building, and sustainable agriculture. His success in the art world coupled with his simple lifestyle provided him with the financial resources to endow what is now the La Junta Heritage Center. Fred Phillips and other members of the firm were with A. Kelly on the sad day that he passed and were honored to partake in his burial and memorial that same day.

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Since then, Fred Phillips Consulting has worked with the La Junta Heritage Center, the City of Presidio, TX, and Presidio Valley Farms to create a master plan for A. Kelly Pruitt’s vision to restore the La Junta site at the confluence of the Rio Grande and Conchos rivers. The master plan for La Junta includes wetland and riparian restoration, conservation farming, and restoring the La Junta Crossing which served as a town and key crossing on the Rio Grande for centuries. The historic buildings at La Junta are designated for restoration and house the La Junta Heritage Center and a museum collection of A. Kelly Pruitt’s iconic, western paintings, sculptures, and writings.

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La Junta Heritage Center (LJHC)

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Presidio, Texas Lower Rio Grande River / 2009-2012


LHJC, Bishop Family Farms

Ecological Restoration, Land Planning, Landscape Design