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Laguna Grande-Larga Restoration

The Colorado Delta is a key stopover for migratory birds enroute from South America to Canada. It also once provided recreational and hunting and fishing opportunities to local human populations. Today, the Colorado Delta and its tributaries are in great need of rehabilitation and protection from decades of over-sedimentation, irrigation divertments, pollutant runoff, and invasive species encroachments.


Together with Oxbow Ecological Engineering, Fred Phillips Consulting has developed a concept plan that includes over 150 acres of restoration, including habitats for deep/shallow/transitional marshes, willow and cottonwood forest bands, and mesquite pods scattered amidst a prairie upland re-established with native grasses. The concept plan plays a part of the Sonoran Institute’s greater vision to restore and strengthen the health of the Colorado Delta for its wildlife and surrounding communities.

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Sonoran Institute

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Rio Colorado (Colorado River) near Francisco Murguía in Baja California, Mexico / 2016-2020


Oxbow Ecological Engineering

Ecological Restoration, Land Planning