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Chausse Restoration in the Colorado River Delta

The Colorado River Delta in Mexico used to support over three million acre of wetlands, riparian forests, and uplands. Over the last hundred years, the damming and channelization of the Colorado River has resulted in the destruction of over 90% of these habitats. The Chausse restoration project has restored over 180 acres of this critical habitat—a modest but promising start. Fred Phillips Consulting worked with project partners to lead the planning, stakeholder workshopping, design, and construction monitoring of this inspiring project. For the restoration workshops, the firm included education on project design, restoration methods, vegetation maintenance, and management of the project.

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  • How Mexico's dry Colorado River Delta is being restored piece by piece


Pronatura Noroeste

Location / Date

San Luis, Baja California, Mexico / 2014-2017


Pronatura Noroeste, Oxbow Ecological Engineering, Walton Family Foundation, Restauremos el Colorado A.C

Ecological Restoration, Wetland Restoration