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Lees Ferry Riparian Restoration

Lees Ferry, a rare place where one can drive right up to the Colorado River, serves as the initiation point for more than 1,000 annual trips down river through the Grand Canyon. This high-profile site was comprised of a jungle of thick tamarisk that made the area inaccessible to visitors and offered low-quality habitat for wildlife. In order to enhance this site, Fred Phillips Consulting partnered with Grand Canyon Wildlands Council and Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to initiate this 16-acre riparian and upland revegetation project. Our team led the planning, design, construction management, and monitoring efforts for this project.

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Twenty years later, this site is now valuable riparian habitat and a treasured boating camp for over 20,000 Grand Canyon Boaters that enjoy Lees Ferry annually. It has served as a model for the revegetation of the river corridor in Glen Canyon and Grand Canyon National Parks. The firm remains ever grateful for the many partners, people, and volunteers that made this project possible.

Before and after

Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Location / Date

Colorado River In Glen Canyon, Lees Ferry / 1999-2001


Grand Canyon Wildlands Council, Flagstaff Native Plant and Seed, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Ecological Restoration